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We've got Vriska!

tonightimhighasaprivatejet sent: Um is this thing still a thing? If so, then can I 8e Vriska? my skype is shade(.)the(.)hedgehog (don't ask why ::::P, oh and none of those 8rackets, it's just tum8lr's 8eing a dick)

Of course! Just make a tumblr and send it in. Since it seems to be a reoccurring thing that people aren’t reading the information, it’s Humanstuck as well. - Mod Bro

notstuck sent: It says terezi is available. Could I be her? My skype is therosettastoned, could you add me to the skype ooc and rp groups? also, is there a formal application or do you just need a sample paragraph?

You don’t need a sample paragraph, just make the tumblr and send in the URL through an ask simply by saying “hi, this is TZ” or some such along those lines. 

lonely-avenues sent: i will! give me two days. And i have a skype, yes.

If you want to send it in that’s fine and we won’t disclose it to other people. Two days is fine as well, we’ll keep the name on reserve for you, however one of the admins (myself) is going on a hiatus so I’m not sure when I’ll be back to respond to it. If I’m not here to make a post on it, just follow the blogs in the taken list and you can start interacting with us.

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flyingspiritofasian sent: is karkat available? i wanna do him . [sounds wrong but hell]

Yes, Karkat is available. Make a URL, send it in. Also, if you have a skype and wanted to be added to the OOC and RP groups, that would be great too but it’s purely optional.

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lonely-avenues sent: umm. i wanted john egbert, if you don´t mind, dear.

Sure! Could you please make a URL for him and send it in to us? That would be great. Also, if you have a skype and want to be added to the OOC and RP room and meet the others it’s completely optional.

Mafiabound needs more people!

If you’re interested in roleplaying a Homestuck orientated AU, however if you don’t get a response within a week you can try these alternate blogs

Anonymous sent: So, where do Caliborn and Calliope fall under?

I would say the Felt. One of the higher underlings, maybe? -Mod Bro

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Mafiabound needs more members!

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Dirk pulled out.